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Latest News - 13th March 2013

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Tube bending for the TraiMAX Chassis



7-1-13 TrailMAX body in the flesh. 175lt capacity - 2mm fully welded aluminium body. Fully powder coated. 10mm diameter stainless luggage loops to lid, powder coated diecast metal hinges and stainless overcenter lockable catch to each side (keyed as a pair). Couple more pitures on our Facebook page where you can leave any comments.


TrailMAX Trailer Body


4-1-13 Currently working hard to get the TrailMAX finished. We'll be popping some pictures up on Facebook (link in top RH corner above) as we progress so you can follow how we are getting on there. Also looking at a rack trailer to follow on immediately after that. Watch this space...



8-8-12 Ok so we have not really had much new news this year...

Had a customer take some video of one of our trailers today - so we popped it up on our YouTube channel - really must to some filming ourselves...


17-2-12 Umm bit behind with the old updates - sorry.

Busy already this year now and working on a fitment for the Yamaha FJR1300 for which we have an order. I suspect that will be a popular kit as we seem to have had loads of enquiries for the FJR1300.

Later this year European Type Approval for ALL trailer manufacturers comes into force on 29th October. We are working on our approval but we may well complete it though the winter of 2012/13 so if you are looking for a trailer this year make sure it's before the end of October as sales will stop then till we get our approval.

The new Cardo Scala G9 Bluetooth headset will be with us hopefully next month. We have stock allocated for us from Cardo so will be the first in the UK to receive these units. We have had our Cardo training on the G9 so are fully equipped for support and warranty.
They are available to pre-order from our Motorcycle Tourer Store here:- Cardo Scala G9

Development of the off road trailer will be picked up again shortly and well post the progress on the latest news on our Facebook wall so you can follow it there.

23-8-11 We have had a very busy year this year - you can probably tell by the lack of updates! We have not even had chance to finish development of our off road trailer.

We will not be at any more shows this year - but spending our time ito preparing for next years season and getting the off road trailer finished.

10-5-11 Is it May already! - Heads down making trailers - the website updates have gone out the window a bit - catching up now though. Was hoping to launch the TrailMAX at the Bury show - but it will be a bit later now - no problems - just working on orders for the TourMAX. The new 2011 TourMAX chassis is beautiful :-)


1-3-11 Cardo Scala G4 Version 3.00 software with NEW features available for download in our Motorcycle Tourer store - click the link above.

28-1-11 First seek peek at what is on the drawing board for our adventure trailer. Anybody got any good suggestions for a name for this one?

Mono-Trail Adventure Trailer


28-1-11 New CAD drawings of our chassis are under way as we are making new laser cut production jigs this winter.

Mono-Trail TourMAX Chassis 3D CAD drawing

19-11-10 In an effort to bring you the best of the products available we will shortly be adding the Sena SMH10 bluetooth headset to our product range. Full details in our Motorcycle Tourer online shop - Click Here.

3-11-10 We have just added an Ex Display (Click here) section to our online shop where we will be putting some of our ex display items in the coming weeks.

29-10-10 - End of Season Event at Gas Moto - 30th October


We are very sorry but we won't be able to make Gas Moto's open day now - we have some other commitments which mean we won't be able to attend on that day. If you would like to come and see us you are welcome to contact us and make an appointment and we will be pleased to show you our trailers.

Follow Mono-Trail on Twitter As we have just had to cancel our attendance at GasMoto right at the last minute it occurs that we should make more use of our Twitter account - so we can let you know if there are any last minute changes. We are not big twitter users - as you will see - but it does mean we can let you know if anything happens.

15-10-10 The last of the big shows are behind us now but we do hope to be at the Gas Moto dealers in Haverhill, Suffolk on the 30th October for their end of season open day. We have also at last started work on our Motorcycle Tours Directory site (Click here) where we hop to list all the tour companies we can find together with all the information you need all in one place. If anybody can recommend any companies or accommodation please let us know.

10-07-10 This year is just flying by! Three shows under our belt already. The Royston show was amazing. Busy fulfilling orders and trying to work in the design work for our adventure trailer and rack trailer - hopefully we will be launching one of these at the Winbotsham show later this year.

12-5-10 Our first show of the season is just around the corner now. The first of this years trailers is just about to go out and its all swinging into action for what will hopefully be a sunny and dry summer - fingers crossed.

12-03-10 - We have just updated our sister site - Motorcycle Tourer with basically our Mono-Trail online shop - HOWEVER the Motorcycle Tourer shop is the one that will be expanded to include a whole range of luggage and other touring equipment. Brands on sale will include all the Baglux equipment, the Kappa luggage system - which is the same luggage as Givi but without the premium price tag, clothing from Bering and the excellent SW-Motech luggage equipment. We have a newsletter signup there where we will be offering regular discount coupons to use in the shop - starting with the Scala Rider and Schuberth Intercoms. Please do sign up to see what we will have on offer - we promise it will be worth your while!!

11-3-10 I hope the weather warms up before the clocks change - fed up with the cold now...
The Tow Vee is turning out very expensive to produce - lovely bit of engineering - if I say so myself - but not cost effective. Back partially to the drawing board - we have an alternative design which works just as well that looks like it will be a fraction of the price to produce. CAD drawings for prototyping are being done now so we will see what comes back from that.

19-01-10 2009 was great. Looking forward to the rest of this year. New premises being converted, our "Tow Vee" design is nearly complete and we are already gearing up for this years production. The Scala Rider G4 is launched in the UK this weekend and should have stock in our shop from Monday 25th onwards.

23-11-09 All quiet on the western front - as they say. It's giving us some time to get some stock manufactured for next year. Also pressing on with development of our "Tow Vee" - a direct replacement for the standard tow hitch.

4-10-09 Copdock Classic Bike Show - What a fantastic day. We missed launching at the Copdock show last year but made it this year! Thankfully the weather was great which I'm sure brought in record numbers for the show. A big thank you to the people who traveled from afar to see us - we hope it was worth the traveling and we answered all your questions.


31-08-09 - Fenman Classic Bike Show - What a great show that was. Weather stated out a bit iffy but soon turned into a fantastically hot and sunny day - which really brought everyone out. Many thanks to those of you who made a special journey out to see us. Loads of interest and comments - and some food for thought for us for our next model. The classic bikes were amazing - already looking forward to next year!!

11-08-09 - Just back from our summer break and its all systems go to get caught up. Newest hitch fitments for release are:- Yamaha XJR 1300 (Hollow rear axle)

19-07-09 - Thetford & District Motorcycle Club Show - Great turn out - but again down came the rain. Also quite blustery at times - we lost our stand right at the end of the show - along with several other stands. No-one hurt though.

07-06-09 - Bury St.Edmunds Bike Show - Once again a huge amount of interest in the trailers - between the showers!

23-05-09 - Revised stand now made and tested. Brilliant. There is no way the trailer is ever going to tip now. Very quick and simple to fit / remove. We have also increased the rising rate on the suspension a bit more to allow for maximum loads.

21-05-09 - Revised stand now complete. We have decided to use a pair of additional feet to be fitted and removed as required. Of all the options we designed this one gave the best stability and most versatility. Not quite as convenient as a sprung loaded side stand (which is what we were originally aiming for) - but stronger and far more stable, especially if you are in the middle of a field somewhere!

14-05-09 - Just reworking the stand for the trailer. The bar we currently have on the front does not really give enough stability when the trailer is detached from the bike if there was a gale...

10th May 2009 The Mono-Trail TourMAX is launched at the
Suffolk Ride Show in Felixstowe

The Mono-Trail Tour MAX trailer was reveled at the Suffolk Ride Show at Felixstowe on Sunday 10th May. It was a truly awesome day - not just because the weather was good but see peoples reactions - especially those who had been following us via the web site.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind comments that were made and the many wishes of success. We are very pleased that you all like the trailer so much and the numerous comments about the high build quantity confirming our decision to build a quality item and not down to a price.

Mono-Tail TourMAX Motorcycle Trailer
Mono-Trail TourMAX
Suffolk Ride Motorcycle Show 2009



10-05-09 - Mono-Trail Launch - see above.

29-04-09 - Fist full production body came out of the mould this morning. This is now being checked and will be trimmed and have all the holes for the chassis / lights / mudguard etc drilled and the rear inner pocket bonded in before going off to the spray shop for finishing.

08-04-09 - The first batch of production drawbars are being made. All CNC tube bent for quality and repeatability. The first trailer bodies are booked in for their paintwork on 4th May prior to appearing at the Suffolk Ride show on Sunday 10th May.

19-03-09 - The body plug has now been completed and delivered to the composite engineering company for mould making and manufacture.

12-03-09 - The first batch of custom made wheel hubs have arrived from the CNC shop today - all bright shiny and anodised. These will replace the steel hubs we have used up till now.

10-3-09 - Final stages of mould production. Lid has now been cut from the body (ensuring perfect fit and line) and reveals for the seal are now being finished. Top coats of paint and final buffing early next week ready for mould making.

05-03-09 - Body plug shaping and sanding is pretty much complete. It seems to have taken years! The lid will be cut from the plug next and the reveal for the weather strip added over the next few days and then its off for molding.

21-02-09 - Good news - It looks like we will be able to make the Suffolk Ride show for our launch. Trailer body moulds can be done in time for May so now it's full steam ahead to get them finished. We should be able to send out our first newsletter soon with some pictures.

18-02-09 - We are not sure the company making our body mould and bodies will be able to get the mould done in time for the May 10th Show. We have another meeting on Friday so should no more then.

07-01-09 - We have had some composite / stainless steel suspension components made for us in Germany and these have arrived today. This is the last component for our full production design. Everything is now in place for the trailer chassis.

19-11-08 - The new year will see the arrival of a CNC machine to help us with production and new prototyping for spring 2009.

5-11-08 - All the production jigs are made and tested and we have at last taken delivery of our first batch of production chassis and spares. Fully powder coated and incorporating the last of the tiny teaks we have been working on. This is all cast in stone now and we can at last move forward to finish the body plug and final production.

24-10-08 - We have been designing a new draw bar attachment to go with the sports bike fitment. It incorporates an adjustable air damper with adjustable damping. This will help effectively decouple the mass of the trailer from the rear wheel of the bike giving both the bike and the trailer an easier time. We have also developed some attachment brackets so that bikes with no hollow axle - or very low set exhausts can still use this attachment system.

23-09-08 - Still working on the body plug. Getting the body finish "perfect" is a very time consuming job...

18-08-08 - Specification updated to reflect actual dimensions from body plug.

15-08-08 - Now have the last of the laser cut chassis parts in stock. Chassis jig is being made and first production chassis should be with us next week. Body building is now underway again and that should be complete in about 10 days time. Everyone on the newsletter list will get the first pictures.

02-07-08 - Ordinary is easy. Extraordinary takes longer. Apparently much longer.
Perhaps we are making too much effort. Perhaps other peoples expectations of a trailer are not as high as ours. Just a simple decision that the lid hinges should be internal and the lid lock flush with the body (and watertight) - so the lines of the curved trailer body are perfectly clean, can cause no end of extra work...

22-06-08 - Trailer specification added to Concept page

12-05-08 - Getting seriously behind now to where we wanted to be - mainly because we want to get it right first time :-) Lots of meetings with various suppliers agreeing production details and negotiating prices. We are probably going to be a month late on our original date - but we would rather do that then rush the finer details...

30-04-08 - The second body design seems to be overtaking the first design - so we may well run with that one. Completely CAD designed, we should be able to have the body cut by CNC machines - BUT - it may well delay the launch date. Difficult decisions ahead...

22-4-08 - Sample light units from Hella are with us. VERY nice. Rear end body design now being finalised ready for molding.

18-4-08 - Light units will be arriving from Hella on 22nd April. Body shape and rear will be finalised then.

30-3-08 - Launch date 13th June. (Now later - see above 12-5-08) At last we have a date to work to. Pretty much everything is in place now. We are just waiting on the light units from Hella before finalising the rear of the trailer body design.

11-3-08 - A second new hitch design option means that the trailer will be available for most modern sports bikes. This together with the bike specific wiring kits will make enabling your bike to tow a doddle.



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