About Our Single Wheel Motorcycle Trailer Development

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A single wheeled motorcycle trailer that looks the business behind a sports / touring bike. Something you can just hitch up and go, with a hitch arrangement that does not look like and exercise in how to ruin the looks of your bike.

How's THAT going to work then?

Well, we have been looking carefully at the design of all the elements. It has taken us nearly three years but we are just about there. A neat, petite towing bracket, a suspension that does not bounce and is very safe to tow and a good looking trailer body that will carry a useful load.

We should point out here that single wheel trailers do not have the carrying capacity of a two wheeled motorcycle trailer. Our trailers will hold just under 180 Litres in volume - "but it is very much a case of horses for courses" - with our trailers you can still filter in traffic - just bear in mind the extra length! The maximum width is just 575mm - less than the widest part of your bike and less than most panniers when fitted.


The suspension has been completely redesigned nine times now! but at last we have created a system that is simple, robust and maintenance free. The ride is actually much better than we had hoped for so we are really really pleased with this.


Early on it became clear very quickly that torsional rigidity is the the key to a stable design. Three years of testing on now and the chassis design is finished. We are producing these in powder coated mild steel and are looking to introduce a stainless steel option for extreme conditions. No worries about corrosion here!

Single wheel trailers do NOT use standard tow balls. If they did the trailer would simply fall over to the side! Instead they have a special hitch arrangement that fixes the side to side rotation in line with the bike - hence the trailer "leans" with the bike. This also means that the hitch can be positioned high on the bike - directly below the number plate - keeping things as neat as possible. The trailer has different height tow bars available covering any situation. This hitch design has been redeveloped now making it lighter and neater.

Trailer Body

One of the biggest downsides to towing a trailer is how ugly most of them look!! We have taken allot of time to try and design a trailer that looks like it was always meant to be a trailer and towed by a modern motorcycle. The design has evolved and has changed many times. Biggest concern has been a good watertight seal for the lid and completely flush body lines.

The Lighting for the trailer uses an intelligent control system. This means that the trailer lights are completely independent of the bikes wiring system and will not affect any indicator repeat rates or ABS functions and will work with the latest KTM, Ducati and BMW CAN-bus equipped systems.

Now we realise that no design style will suit everybody - so we will be producing a range of trailers. Initially one for spring 2009 and further designs for 2010. We will also operate a trade in service, whereby you can upgrade your trailer to the latest design if you wish, and therefore second user trailers will be available at a reduced cost.


Just remember - this is a trailer to "replace" all the panniers and kit that you would otherwise have strapped to your bike when you go touring. The true comparison is:-


BIke fully loaded with panniers, extended tank bag, top box, stuff on top of that, tail bag and bungee straps holding the other stuff. (All the weight high up) Probably partly insecure - unable to leave bike unattended

Naked bike with ALL your kit securely locked in a waterproof Mono-Trail Trailer.
(All the weight low down)
Secure - able to leave bike.


Oh, and one other thing, that tent that you really liked and the airbed you always wanted to take with you - but was all too big to fit on the bike - it's not now !!


Mono-Trail Motorcycle Wheelchair Carrier

We are currently looking at designing a Mono-Trail motorcycle trailer as wheelchair carrier. If your loved one or a friend is able to ride on the bike with you - but needs a wheelchair, then this could be the key to unlock new possibilities of exploring together.

If a motorcycle trailer to carry a wheelchair interests you CLICK HERE
and fill out the form. We'll see what we can do!


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