(GRP Body Construction)



TourMAX Trailer

Gross Trailer Weight
35.50 kg. Plus 2 – 5 kg for drawbar depending on type.
Maximum Recommended Payload
40 kg
Maximum Lean Angle
45 Degrees.
One piece, fully powder coated. Separate swing arm.
Maintenance free. Rising rate.
Trailer Volume
Approx 178 Litres Total. Split 175 lt Body / 3.6 lt Glovebox
Body Construction
One piece Fibreglass Moulding.
Colour matched to your bike or colour of your choice – solid colour. Metallic colours and clear coating available.
Fully lined. Fitted Glove Box for documents / phones / GPS. Twin ultra bright 9 LED (1W SMD) Interior light to glove box and trailer with a power point to main trailer for charging larger items.
Hella ultra bright twin tail / brake light and separate indicators. Number plate light. Interior light.
Maximum Trailer Body
Length (Excluding Drawbar)
1220 mm
Maximum Trailer Body Width
575 mm
Maximum Height above Road
825 mm
12″ Cast Alloy Wheel – Powder Coated carried on CNC machined custom designed anodised alloy hub.
Tyre Size
120 / 70
Trailer Lid Hinges
Internal, hidden. Gas strut to hold lid open.
Trailer Lid Latch / Lock
Flush with lid. Glove Friendly, Waterproof IP-66. Lockable.

Trailer Body

Single piece fibreglass molding for ultimate rigidity, lightness and strength. Purpose designed and made by a local company that also manufactures fibreglass Formula One components. Highly complex 7 part mould allows the body to be made in one piece for maximum strength and durability. The body and lid on their own weigh just 16.5Kg Flush fitting lid with internal hinges and flush glove friendly lock. Can be used locked or unlocked. Anywhere the bike can go the trailer can go. You don’t loose your ability to filter in traffic.


You can have it any colour you like! The base price includes any colour of your choice. If you can get your bike to us then we can colour match it to your bike or we should be able to match it from the paint code.


The suspension system is simple, robust and maintenance free. It uses a specially manufactured fully bonded rubber suspension unit actuated with a link arm – much like most modern sports bikes in principle.


High intensity Hella lights are used on the trailer. Although recessed the tail/brake and both indicators are visible from more than 45 degrees each side of the trailer rear – complying with all european and international lighting requirements for visibility. Additional side marker lights are available as an option should you so desire. The Lighting for the trailer also uses an intelligent control system. This means that the trailer lights are completely independent of the bikes wiring system and will not affect any indicator repeat rates, bulb failure or ABS functions and will work with the latest KTM, Ducati and BMW CAN-bus equipped systems.

A small stainless steel tow pin each side is all that is fitted to bike to pull trailer. Notice electrical socket – almost invisible behind number plate (or it would have been if we had done the bracket black and not silver… )

Bike Fitments

Not all fitments will be suitable for every bike. We are however working hard to make our trailer available to anyone who would like one.

  • Hollow Rear Axle

Two tow pivots are attached each side of the rear axle bolt by passing a threaded rod through the centre. The rod is centred by two bushes.

  • High Level Fitment

Two tow pivots are attached each side of the bike at a higher level – picking up the chassis mounting points at the back of the bike.

  • Custom Fitment

There are some bikes that just do not lend themselves to any of the above fitments. In this case we will manufacture a custom frame specifically for that model bike.


The chassis is a single rail steel chassis and is powder coated for longevity and to prevent corrosion. The swing arm is mounted to the chassis via two plastic bushes. The chassis is symmetrical which allows for the wheel to be mounted facing either left or right to suit your bike by changing the swing arm.