Trailer Law

Motorcycle Single Wheel Trailer Law in the UK

In the UK in 1984 it became legal to tow a trailer behind a motorcycle. The rules governing the use of trailers behind motorcycles is set out in the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. As far as motorcycle trailers towed behind a motorcycle are concerned the law is basically:-

  • The towing motorcycle must exceed 125 cc engine capacity.
  • The trailer has an overall width not exceeding 1.00m
  • The distance between the rear axle and the rearmost part of the trailer must not exceed 2.5m.
  • The motorcycle must be clearly and indelibly marked with it’s kerbside weight.
  • The trailer must be clearly and indelibly marked with it’s unladen weight.
  • When the trailer is loaded it must weigh no more than 150 kilograms or two-thirds of the kerbside weight of the motorcycle – whichever is lighter.
  • The UK speed limit is 60 mph on motorways and dual carriageways and 50 mph on all other roads unless a lesser limit is in force.

There are other regulations regarding lighting (The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989) specifying the number, type and spacing of lights and reflectors and the particular “E” marks they should all carry to be fully road legal, trailer bulb failure warning and regulations covering the actual construction of the trailer (The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986)

Towing a motorcycle trailer abroad is not a problem as visitor laws apply – basically the trailer being towed must be legal in the owners home country.

Motorcycle Insurance with Trailer Cover

You will need to check with your insurers that you are covered to tow a motorcycle trailer. Some do and some don’t!

We are currently working on a list of insurers who do and don’t cover towing motorcycle trailers – so if you tow already and use someone who covers you – please let us know so we can share it with everyone.

UK Insurers who provide motorcycle trailer cover

We have spoken to all of the following insurers who can provide cover for your bike AND trailer.

e Bike Insurance – Very competitive rates and cover you for a trailer. Multi bike policies and all policy details accessible on line.

Carole Nash – You will need to mention that you want trailer cover when you call. If you quote dealer reference 9471 and you end up taking out a policy we’ll send you a £10 voucher to use in our online shop.
Footman James – You will need to mention that you want trailer cover when you call.
Aviva – formerly Norwich Union – You will need to mention that you want trailer cover when you call.
KGM Motor Policies at Lloyds cover you for towing a trailer. Sensible policy excess and multi bike policies. You will need to find a broker that uses KGM.